Saturday, October 25, 2008

my mind is adrift in this endless sea of nothingness
there is nothing i can remember even if i try my best
it is as blank as an untouched paper
free from any wear or tear
drifting drifting away going no where
stupid memory xD

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kick Ass day

A hardcore day had just passed
how i wished, forever it would last
but alas this is my fate
and now i must continue unto another date

I kinda got into a play, where i directed the fight scenes , and also had a part in it, although we were not really able to fully practice , because some of the members were missing during the practice days, it all came out okay, with minor glitches that you wont really notice unless you pay close attention, so which means i can safely say that.. it was a "Great Success!" :D

but alas a price had to be paid for glory, a few scars here and there , some broken props , but nothing compared to the feeling of pulling off something great :D

my bones could break but they will surely heal,
but the memories made today were stamped by eternity's seal,
they will forever be in our mind,
and a substitute for it is something one cannot easily find :D

so there you have it , a kick ass day, and then some. bow >.<

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It saddens me that you must depart
But believe me when i say, u'll always be in my heart
cause in movie called my life you played a big part
and it was always that way since the start

although it pains me that you must go
sometimes we just need to go with the flow
to where it may lead you , someday we'll know
but on that someday who knows, maybe ill follow

as tears fall down , i choose to stand in the rain
because this will help hide the pain
now matter how hard i strain
every momentaway from you drives me insane

but the sorrow dissapeared as i thought
of all those memories that you brought
into my life who would've thought
i would find such happiness i never sought


Finally after such a long time, I am back
It is so sad to admit that many things kept me off track
but now that i am certain which things i lack
its time for me again to work against the clock.

Lazyness , procastination , forgetfullness, three things that haunt me everyday, but these three things are intertwined with each other, but mostly , it is the forgetfullness that reigns above all. well I need some advice on how to enhance my memory :D any ideas? anyways , when was the last time i posted? last month i guess, and a lot has happened since then.. here goes

At work: me and my groupmates had our " Group Saturation " which we went to far away places that we usually dont go to then give out our flyers, it had its ups and downs, we get to meet more people than our usual saturations , more people means more prospects , and we get to spend time to get to know each other better , in the car or when we are having our lunch somewhere out there, but it also has its downsides which is , at some locations that we visited , it is not exactly "legal" to give out flyers, by using the word legal , it doesnt mean that by giving our flyers we would be breaking the law , well it just means that flyering is not allowed at that certain location, i just had to use the word legal because it made the sentence sound cool :D

At rest : We went to the gym as often as possible , but recently i found out that i tire easily , still not knowing whats wrong, i try hard to increase my stamina once more, because my current stamina just wont do me any good in the future, we also played badminton, it was so much fun, it was like 3 full hours of pure adrenaline, it was all that, untill i got hit by a racket accidentally, which didnt really hurt that much , but it made it harder to see for me, well considering my blurry eyes, i was having a hard time seeing things to begin with :D

Friday, July 11, 2008


Cant seem to think of anything to talk about lately , but dont worry, I'll have something up sooner or later :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Return :D

The Journey of one week had to end
like all wounds it will soon mend
last week's experience was not that bad
it actually added to those things i already had

Well im back , from a week of sickness, but hey, I was happy that i was sick :) because last week, my body felt so heavy, that i didnt need to wear any weights just to work out, and one more thing, because of my sickness, i lost about 8 pounds just in that week, so it was not half bad :D anyways as i regained my strength, my drive also returned, the passion for getting better at what i do. so with that in mind . I shall be training whenever i can, and wherever i can :D thats it for today >.<

Sunday, June 29, 2008

In Weakness I Thrive

Today I feel so weak and frail
but i only see this as a path in my trail
my trail which would lead to totality
a journey on self discovery

Today, when i woke up, I felt something was diffrent, like something was out of place. as i went about my daily chores, i realized that I was moving slower than usual, weaker than usual, i really dont know what was wrong with me but in my mind I knew that this couldnt be right. well to cut everything short, today just wasnt my day, AND I THANK GOD FOR IT :D this reminded me that i needed to train more , and progress . i have to admit i have been slacking off, but no more! today reminded me about something, never take anything for granted cause you might not like what the following brings