Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kick Ass day

A hardcore day had just passed
how i wished, forever it would last
but alas this is my fate
and now i must continue unto another date

I kinda got into a play, where i directed the fight scenes , and also had a part in it, although we were not really able to fully practice , because some of the members were missing during the practice days, it all came out okay, with minor glitches that you wont really notice unless you pay close attention, so which means i can safely say that.. it was a "Great Success!" :D

but alas a price had to be paid for glory, a few scars here and there , some broken props , but nothing compared to the feeling of pulling off something great :D

my bones could break but they will surely heal,
but the memories made today were stamped by eternity's seal,
they will forever be in our mind,
and a substitute for it is something one cannot easily find :D

so there you have it , a kick ass day, and then some. bow >.<

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Maricel said...

i want to watch! send it to my email!