Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It saddens me that you must depart
But believe me when i say, u'll always be in my heart
cause in movie called my life you played a big part
and it was always that way since the start

although it pains me that you must go
sometimes we just need to go with the flow
to where it may lead you , someday we'll know
but on that someday who knows, maybe ill follow

as tears fall down , i choose to stand in the rain
because this will help hide the pain
now matter how hard i strain
every momentaway from you drives me insane

but the sorrow dissapeared as i thought
of all those memories that you brought
into my life who would've thought
i would find such happiness i never sought


Maricel said...

Hmmm... I have the feeling I know who you are referring to... >:) No no not me. LOL! Some one else. :P

Business Mars

Maricel said...

pssst got an award for you here:


Business Mars